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Making energy more affordable accessible by all Ugandans

Enagyl Limited is fully registered and was incorporated in Uganda since 2019, under the names Janeque Investments - smc - Ltd. Overtime, the company has had to depart with its former nomenclature to Enagyl Limited in 2023. We began by purely doing installation work, but have now grown to importation, distribution, design of solar projects and sizing of energy needs, in the most professional and technical manner. We deal in products like solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers, inverters, water pumping, solar water heating, solar street lighting, irrigation systems among other related products. Our encampass solar home systems, and other customized system designed to meet schools needs, hospital needs, Hotel for all lighting needs, water heating needs, water pumping needs, street lighting needs etc.

Our Core Values

  • Quality: Surviving COVID-19 and economic crisis was possible due to past work quality that led friends to recommend us for new work opportunities, which we will continue to uphold.
  • Integrity: Integrity is rare. Enagyl values it over wealth, prioritizing clients, national property, community welfare, and the environment.
  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and support individuals of all backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, gender, ability, and more.

Save the Planet by Using Renewable Energy

  • School electrification, supply and installation.
  • Healthy center electrification, supply and installation.
  • Housing electrification, supply and installation.
  • Hospital electrification, supply and installation.

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