System designs

During System Design we perform the following activities:
1. Determine power consumption demands
2. Size the PV modules
3. Inverter sizing
4. Battery sizing
5. Solar charge controller sizing

Energy calculation and metering

Calculations are tricky but without them, it is hard to estimate and keep things under budget. The same goes for the solar power system too. The amount of sunlight received per square meter on the solar panels determines the output you will receive from the solar panel system. So, if you are planning to get a solar panel system for your house, we make sure you understand the solar power and the types of solar panel you need to buy.

Solar monitoring

We monitor your solar system after installation and during installation process.


We have a team of professional solar installers who are responsible for the installation of your solar system as you desire.

Solar maintenances

After the installation process is done and we can maintaine your solar system for you.